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Geneinno Underwater Scooters

S1 Geneinno Underwater Scooters on beach.

Geneinno Underwater Scooters - Featuring the S1 Trident and S2

Take your aquatic explorations and desire for more fun in the water to a new level with Geneinno Underwater Scooters, now featuring the powerful S1 Trident and smart app-enabled S2 underwater scooter. The Geneinno brand is synonymous with innovation and precision, and their underwater scooters redefine the way users experience the underwater world.

Geneinno S2 - Smart Features and Safe For Kids

Featured on our Top 10 Underwater Scooters Under $500 and at the heart of the Geneinno Underwater Scooter collection lies the Geneinno S2, a marvel of engineering designed to take travel and underwater safety to current standards. Compact and intuitively designed, the Geneinno S2 opens doors to new possibilities for divers of all levels.

Equipped with dual props, the S2 underwater scooter effortlessly propels you through the water, offering a seamless and exhilarating underwater experience. Whether you're snorkeling over vibrant coral reefs or letting your kids safely zip around the pool, the Geneinno S2 is a trusted companion.

Geneinno S1 Trident - Precision and Power For Underwater Mobility

For those seeking precision and control in their underwater exploration, the Geneinno S1 Trident takes center stage. This advanced underwater scooter is designed for divers who demand agility and versatility beneath the waves. With different speed settings and a sleek winged design, the Trident allows divers to navigate underwater with unparalleled ease.

Geneinno Underwater Scooters - Excitement Awaits

As a well-known name in the underwater scooter industry, Geneinno continues to push the boundaries of what is possible. Each scooter is crafted with a commitment to quality, innovation, and user satisfaction. Geneinno's dedication to providing upgraded underwater mobility solutions makes them a trusted choice for snorkelers, recreational divers, and families worldwide.

Elevate Your Experiences with Geneinno

Whether you are a seasoned diver or a novice explorer, Geneinno Underwater Scooters offer a passport to the underwater experience like never before. Dive into the future of aquatic exploration with Geneinno, where every dive or minute spent in the pool is filled with excitement and smiles.
  • Save $50.00
    Geneinno S2 Underwater Scooter
    Original Price $499.00
    Current Price $449.00

    With smart safety features and a budget-friendly price, the Geneinno S2 Underwater Scooter is a top entry level pick for all ages!   Child-Friendly...

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    Original Price $499.00
    Current Price $449.00
    Save $50.00
  • Save $100.00
    Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter
    Original Price $699.00
    Current Price $599.00
    2 colors available

    Powerful and capable, the Geneinno S1 Trident Underwater Scooter checks all of the boxes!   Powerful Sea Scooter for Diving and Snorkeling Looking ...

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    Original Price $699.00
    Current Price $599.00
    Save $100.00