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LEFEET Underwater Scooters

LEFEET Underwater Scooters for Sale

Unleash the power of LEFEET's advanced underwater propulsion technologies with the S1 PRO and Seagull C1 underwater scooters, each crafted for reliability, performance, modularity, and ease of use. Whether you're a seasoned diver or a novice explorer, LEFEET has a scooter tailored to energize your underwater experiences.

Do it All with the LEFEET S1 Pro Underwater Scooter

Your one-stop-shop, compact, and ultimate modular underwater scooter.

Capable of filling many roles and used in almost all applications, the LEFEET S1 PRO is the epitome of underwater scooter innovation and most notable from LEFEET Underwater Scooters.

Scuba dive one day, power your paddleboard the next. You will often ask, "Is there anything it can't do?"

Get Family-Friendly Versatility with the Lefeet Seagull C1 Underwater Scooter

With three modular modes geared towards absolute aquatic excitement, the LEFEET Seagull C1 underwater scooter is a family-friendly go to!

Jump in using the Seagull C1 as a classic underwater scooter with its removeable handles, practice swimming by mounting it to the kickboard attachment, or zip around on the Fizzyfloat scooter-mounted Unicorn pool float.

It's hard to miss the fun when jumping in with the Seagull C1 by LEFEET Underwater Scooters.

LEFEET Underwater Scooters - Innovation When and Where You Need It

LEFEET underwater scooters are renowned for their efficiency and high-performing modular capabilities.

Propel through the water effortlessly as the S1 PRO and Seagull C1 provide unparalleled speed and maneuverability, allowing you to cover more ground during your dives.

Experience the convenience of LEFEET's compact scooter designs without compromising power. Perfect for travel, these scooters can accompany you on your underwater expeditions worldwide.

Choose LEFEET underwater scooters for unparalleled and modularly capable dive experiences.

LEFEET Underwater Scooter Support

Looking for underwater scooter support? Tap this LEFEET Underwater Scooter Product Support page link to get and download user manuals, review product details, and watch instructional how-to videos for your LEFEET Underwater Scooters.


  • LEFEET Seagull C1 Modular Dual Motor Underwater Scooter
    2 colors available

    With dual 200W motors, the C1 Seagull sea scooter by LEFEET packs some power at an affordable price, in comparison to its peers.   Compact Underwat...

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