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Catz Design Underwater Scooter Mounts

Catz Design's Custom Dive Xtras T-Handles and Accessory Mounts

Catz Design is a top-of-the-line manufacturer of custom T-handles and accessory mounts for Dive Xtras BlackTip, Piranha, Cuda, and CudaX underwater scooters. Give your left hand a proper grip and put your compass where the magnetic forces of the tube don't affect it with a Catz Design T-handle mount!

Custom and Quality Mounting Solutions for Dive Xtras Underwater Scooters

Dive Xtras is renowned for their high performing underwater scooters, yet Catz Design takes your diving experience to the next level with premium T-handles, nose cones, and optional mounting solutions for essential accessories such as compasses, dive computers, and other gauges.

Enjoy unrivaled comfort and accessibility below the surface as Catz Design mounts ensure secure attachment and effortless access to your vital equipment, amplifying both safety and efficiency during dives.

Take your Dive Xtras underwater scooter adventures to the next level with Catz Design's meticulously crafted mounting solutions, tailored to meet your needs and optimize your underwater experiences like never before.

Catz Design's Custom Dive Xtras T-Handles

Catz Design's custom Dive Xtras T-handle unlocks a myriad of advantages, especially for divers seeking enhanced maneuverability and control.

Are you a leftie with a Dive Xtras underwater scooter? While the standard handles on models like the BlackTip and Piranha cater primarily to right-handed users, integrating a T-handle offers versatility for both left and right-handed divers, ensuring a comfortable grip regardless of preference.

T-handles revolutionize the diver propulsion experience, streamlining gear adjustments, securing or releasing equipment with ease, and enabling seamless operation while capturing underwater moments.

Is that it? Absolutely not! Catz Design's custom Dive Xtras T-Handles are also scalable! Enjoy the added comfort, but don't forget the T-handle is your base to mount additional accessories to!


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