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Catz Design BlackTip T-Handle


The Ultimate Dive Xtras BlackTip T-Handle Grip You Have Been Searching for Online is Available Here!

Dive Xtras BlackTip T-Handle by Catz Design

Have you ever been below with your BlackTip underwater scooter and thought, "if it only had a T-Handle grip"?

Maybe you have skipped over the Dive Xtras BlackTip scooters because of the lack of a T-Handle grip.

You are not alone. A BlackTip T-Handle grip is a commonly desired upgrade! Whether you are a leftie or just want better control of your DPV, the Catz Design BlackTip T-handle is the ultimate solution!

Providing the ability to have both hands comfortably on the grip is just the start. Catz Design's BlackTip T-Handle also solves the need for additional dive accessory mounting options, giving you better access to your compass and more.

The Catz Design BlackTip T-Handle Offers Enhanced Control and Maneuverability

Dive Xtras BlackTip Travel with T-Handle and mounted accessories

If you have ever taken your Dive Xtras BlackTip out, you have likely had to grip the propeller shroud with your left hand for control. You may have even had close calls with the propeller itself.

The Catz Design BlackTip T-Handle gives you a comfortable and more efficient place to grip the scooter, offering improved and safer control while reducing the chances of equipment damage. Additionally, it allows users who experience "thumb fatigue" to switch thumbs during dives.

This innovative two-handed BlackTip T-Handle seamlessly mounts onto the original handle, granting users full use of their left hand and thumb without interfering with the trigger. This translates into effortless gear shifting, clipping, or unclipping, and the adjustment of gear while on the move.

Mount Your Accessories to the Modular Catz Design BlackTip T-Handle

Dive Xtras BlackTip T-Handle with numerous mounted accessories.

Getting serious with diving? Of course you are! You're rockin' a Dive Xtras BlackTip DPV! In that case, you're likely not navigating without a compass, monitoring without gauges or a dive computer, and definitely not diving without a sweet action camera.

So where is a convenient spot to put all of these accessories? If you don't have a Catz Design BlackTip T-Handle, you're likely resorting to the tube for ease of access, paying extra for specific mounts to accommodate.

The Catz Design BlackTip T-Handle grip is a completely modular, all-in-one solution! If you decide to change compass plates or accessory holders, or mount more “stuff” to your scooter, you're covered with the ability to seamlessly remove or integrate additional Catz Design holders to your T-Handle.

Have a specific accessory you want to mount that has a bungee? The Catz Design BlackTip T-Handle offers the option of a computer/compass bungee mount. While this mount was designed to work with the Perdix™ Dive Computer, it will support almost any type of gauge with a bungee that you want to strap to your underwater scooter.

Electromagnetic Deviation is Not a Problem with the Catz Design BlackTip T-Handle

Wonder why you can’t find that wreck you like to dive? Your tube-mounted compass might be the reason. 

This specially crafted BlackTip T-Handle offers a navigational solution for the placement of your compass. Elevating the compass away from the tube will guarantee your compass will track “truly” and not suffer from electromagnetic deviation caused by the innerworkings of your underwater scooter.

Additionally, BlackTip T-handle kits purchased with a GoPro™ mount will include a 118cm extender, which guarantees the magnetic field of your GoPro™, or other action cameras, will not interfere with the compass.

This compass mount is designed to accommodate 4 styles of compass which will fit most budgets:

  1. Aqua Lung Bungee Compass - View on Amazon
  2. DGX Tech Compass - View on Amazon
  3. Oceanic Bungee Compass - View on Amazon
  4. Suunto SK-8 Dive Compass - View on Amazon

The Catz Design BlackTip T-Handles are Crafted and Trusted by Divers Around the World

Dive Xtras BlackTip DPV with a T-handle and Compass mounted.

Crafted from PETG filament and expertly 3D printed in the United States, Catz Design BlackTip T-Handles and accessories are rigorously tested to ensure durability and performance during your dives.

All Catz Design component parts are aluminum and 316 stainless steel which guarantees your mount will last in harsh saltwater environments. 

With a scalable design and available in *various colors, you're sure to find the perfect T-Handle set up for your Dive Xtras BlackTip underwater scooter!

Catz Design BlackTip T-Handle Specifications

  • Material: PETG Filament

  • Hardware Material: Aluminum and 316 Stainless Steel

  • Grip: Standard Dive Xtras BlackTip Grip

  • Production Time: 5 Days

  • Tools: Screwdriver Included

  • *Color: Will ship default in the color Black unless you add a FREE Catz Design Color to your cart

  • Additional Features: Scalable, can add Catz Design compass mounts, bungee or dive computer mounts, and action camera mounts as desired

  • **If there are additional customizations you are interested in making that better suite your diving experience, please contact us for a quote. These may include custom compass plates mounts, etc.

Catz Design products are custom-made to the purchaser's request, therefore ALL SALES ARE FINAL