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Injury and Damage Disclaimer

Information on the Underwater Scooter Pros website is provided by our suppliers and is assumed to be precise and free of error. Suppliers to Underwater Scooter Pros are various manufacturers, representative dealers, or agencies with the authority and responsibility of providing accurate information to dealers such as Underwater Scooter Pros. Underwater Scooter Pros has made every effort to establish the accuracy and authenticity of information provided on this website. The information is provided in its present condition from the source without warranty of any kind.

Use of underwater scooters, sea scooters, diver propulsion vehicles, and any other items on this website should be used with careful consideration with the possibility and risk of potential injury. While underwater scooters provide an array of benefits, they are not toys and ensuring safety and responsible usage is paramount. Users are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the equipment, strictly follow safety guidelines, and assess their individual skill levels in tandem with the dive conditions before entering the water. Our commitment to your underwater experience includes a focus on safety, empowering users to enjoy these products responsibly.

All sports and water sports participation may come with risks. For general safety, a personal flotation device should be utilized with participation in any activity on the water. It should be considered that in the circumstance an individual participating in the operation or utilization of any electrically operated watercraft, a helmet, and all other applicable personal protective equipment should be worn.

To the extent of permissible and applicable law, the liability of Underwater Scooter Pros, its agents, employees and other personnel, officers, directors, members, successors, or owners shall not be liable for any incidental, ancillary, or consequential injuries or damages to property which may derive from the use of products sold on this website, including, without limitation, costs, acquisition, or procurement of substitute products, nor for any loss of profits, incurred medical costs, lost business, or lost work time.