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Aura Kayaks Adventurer Clear Kayak


Satisfy Your See-through Kayak Expedition Craving with the Aura Kayaks Adventurer Clear Kayak!

Aura Kayaking Adventurer Clear Kayak paddling on the water.

Paddling down a lazy river or through one of Florida's many beautiful springs is already a mesmerizing experience, but what about riding in that kayak that looks like glass?

Whether you're an occasional thrill-seeker or a daily water enthusiast, the Aura Kayaking Adventurer clear kayak invites adventure seekers of all ages to experience something truly extraordinary.

Local to Pensacola, Florida, Aura Kayaks makes the best transparent kayak to date.

Experience the World Beneath the Water's Surface with the Adventurer Clear Kayak

Adult pushing Aura Kayaks Adventurer Clear Kayak into the water.

How many times have you went to a spring and didn't want to get in because it was far too cold?

If you're like us, you still wanted to experience the marine life from above, but traditional kayaks and canoes don't give the same intimate feeling of being immersed in the water with marine life.

With the Aura Kayaking Adventurer Clear Kayak, you can still go out and enjoy all of that and more!

Dip into the clear waters and witness the marine wonders unfold beneath your see-through canoe – a magical display of fish, manatees, turtles, starfish, and hidden treasures.

Tailor-made for both the seasoned adult and the spirited youth, these stable marvels are perfect for relaxing paddle sessions, snorkeling, or even fishing in absolute style.

What Makes the Aura Kayaking Adventurer the Clear Kayak Choice?

Let's face it, clear kayaks are not meant for the rigors of the open ocean, but a good clear kayak should be designed to be comfortable and durable for your daily adventures.

Aura Kayaks Adventurer Clear Kayak on the water.

Meticulously designed for durability, yet maintaining a feather-light build, the Adventurer transparent kayak is engineered to conquer calm waters and small swells. 

Boasting an advanced polymer hull and hardware resistant to corrosion, the Adventurer Clear Kayak not only promises longevity but also commands attention wherever your journey takes you.

The ingenious design, featuring a removable frame, seats, and inflatable chambers, ensures effortless storage and transportation, guaranteeing you're always ready for your next outing.

How Do I Keep My Aura Kayaking Adventurer Clear Kayak Looking New?

Adult transporting Aura Kayaks Adventurer Clear Kayak to car.

Maintaining the pristine look of your Adventurer transparent kayak is a breeze!

Simply follow these manufacturer guidelines:

  1. After each use, give your kayak a thorough spray to rinse off any particles.

  2. Be mindful not to drag your kayak along the ground when transporting.

  3. Store it in a shaded area.

Aura Kayaking Adventurer Clear Kayak Specifications

  • Length: 11’ 1” (338 cm)

  • Width: 38” (96 cm)

  • Depth: 11” (28 cm)

  • Weight: 48 lbs (21 kg)

  • Weight capacity: 450 lbs (204 kg)

  • Seating: 1-2 children or adults

  • Frame: Aluminum frame

  • Hull: 6mm thick Polycarbonate hull

    Aura Kayaking Clear Kayak Seat Specifications

    • Materials: Made with marine-grade, rust-proof brass hardware and durable woven nylon that resists sun fading and water damage, and also prevents rips and punctures.

    • Adjustability: Front and rear adjustable straps make the seat easy to install and adjust.

    • Adaptability: 4-way adjustable straps accommodate most sit-on-top marine crafts. Seat built to accommodate young and old, small to X-large.

    • Seats take seconds to install or to convert your kayak from a double seater to a single seater.

    Aura Kayaking Clear Kayak Paddle Specifications

    • Length: 86” (218 cm)

    • Materials: Aluminum shaft with rubber grips and reinforced polypropylene blades.

    • Adjustability: Two-piece adjustability, with push button feathering.

    Interested in starting your very own clear kayak rental business with Aura kayaks? Contact us to discuss a quote.