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SCUBAJET Underwater Scooters

SCUBAJET Underwater Scooters for Sale

Upgrade and dive with a SCUBAJET underwater scooter, a revolutionary jet propulsion system with powerful and stackable batteries to back it.

Designed in Austria using the latest technology in propulsion, SCUBAJET underwater scooters offer unmatched versatility for both recreational and professional divers.

The SCUBAJET PRO series is designed to cater to recreational divers, technical divers, paddleboarders, and kayakers, providing a seamless and enjoyable underwater, as well as overwater experiences.

SCUBAJET Underwater Scooters were Designed for You

The designers at SCUBAJET took the time to address what users want from their underwater scooter.

SCUBAJET underwater scooters are sustainable, emission-free, eco-friendly, and feature a lightweight, aluminum body.

With an automatic shut-off and impeller, instead of an exposed propeller, SCUBAJET underwater scooters ensure you, others, and the surrounding wildlife are as safe as possible.

Who doesn't love something that can be used in different ways? SCUBAJET underwater scooters are modular and can be used in various ways.

SCUBAJET Underwater Scooters are Versatile

Equipped with an advanced motor, SCUBAJET underwater scooters have redefined underwater and above water mobility.

With three different mounting applications, SCUBAJET underwater scooters stand out with their capability to convert on the fly with the proper mount.

Go from scuba diving or snorkeling to powering your paddleboard or kayak effortlessly!

SCUBAJET underwater scooters come in three different tube sizes and two different motor power options.

Want to get your kids in on the SCUBAJET excitement? The SCUBAJET NEO is the entry level model featuring a shorter tube for one SMART battery and a 500W upgradeable motor.

Need more battery power? The SCUBAJET PRO and PRO XR extend the tube length for additional batteries and feature a 1000W motor.

Not sure what you need? The beauty of SCUBAJET underwater scooters is that the tubes and accessories can be interchanged to meet your needs!

SCUBAJET Underwater Scooters Showcase Extraordinary Austrian Engineering

SCUBAJET underwater scooter motors boast state-of-the-art technology, delivering unparalleled and efficient jet power performance beneath the surface.

With the ability to add on the BEAM integrated LED nose cap, additional battery power with different tube lengths, easy-to-use stackable SMART proprietary batteries, wireless smart connect, and your favorite action cameras, SCUBAJET underwater scooters prove to be an exquisitely engineered diver propulsion vehicles.


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