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ScubaJet Pro Dive Kit Underwater Scooter


Take on Technical Diving with the Modular SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit Underwater Scooter!

SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit Lake Diving

Are you someone who has been looking to go deeper and take on more challenging dives?

The SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit of the Portable Series, is a modular, feature-packed, compact underwater scooter, reminiscent of a jet engine, that you don't want to miss out on!

It delivers speeds up to 4.4mph (6.56ft/s | 2m/s) underwater, 200Wh of power packaged in airline-compliant, stackable SMART BATTERIES that can provide you with up to 2 hours of battery life, and its accompanying Dual Hand Controller's (DHC) screen display will keep you apprised of all the essential information you need on your dives!

The Compact SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit Makes Technical Diving an Option

Ice Diving with the SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit Underwater Scooter.

You may have seen some compact underwater scooters on the market, but have you seen one taking on technical diving challenges such as dives beyond the recreational depth limits of 130 feet, or 40 meters?

The SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit is capable of taking you to depths up to 200 feet, or 60 meters, allowing you to dive deeper and explore those underwater landscapes you couldn't before.

One particular type of diving experience that is easier to accomplish with smaller or compact underwater scooters is wreck diving. Navigating wrecks and possibly making entry, barring you have the correct training and certifications, is much more feasible with the SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit's smaller design.

It doesn't end there! The SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit has been engineered to handle the frigid temperatures of ice diving, opening up additional and challenging opportunities for you to tackle.

Traveling is Easier with the SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit

SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit best underwater scooter for travel.

Have you already started traveling and realized that maybe traditional diver propulsion vehicles (DPV) are just a bit too bulky?

We hear you on that! Taking on those technical dives abroad with the additional luggage can be a pain.

The beauty of the SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit is that it can be broken down in pieces to nicely fit into your luggage or into the travel case as seen with the SCUBAJET PRO Travel Accessory Kit.

Not only that, but this underwater scooter also only weighs a whopping 6.6 pounds, saving your arms the fatigue of lugging around a heavy traditional DPV.

SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit Underwater Scooter is Ideal For

  • Adults
  • Advanced Users
  • Freediving
  • Scuba Diving
  • Shore Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming Pools
  • Technical Diving - Deep Diving (130ft+), Ice Diving, Wreck Diving
  • Traveling
  • Underwater Photography

SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit Underwater Scooter Specifications

  • Motor Unit Power: 1,000W

  • Depth rating: 200ft | 60m

  • Speed Overwater:  up to 7mph | 11km/h

  • Speed Underwater: up to 4.4mph | 6.56ft/s | 2m/s

  • Battery type: Lithium Ion

  • Battery capacity: 2x 100Wh = 200Wh (airline-compliant and stackable)

  • Battery runtime: up to 2 hours

  • Weight: 6.6lbs | 3kg

  • Length: 16.5in | 42cm

SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit Underwater Scooter Includes

  • SCUBAJET PRO Underwater Scooter
  • Dual Hand Controller (DHC)
  • SMART BATTERY 2 x 100 Wh
  • Battery Charging Pod
  • Power Supply and Cable
  • Safety Leash
  • O-Rings
  • Grease

    SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit Underwater Scooter Optional Upgrades

    1. BEAM™ LED Light Add-on - Delivers 1,500 Lumen at 6,000 Kelvin and a 120-degree angle giving you the visibility you need in the depths, under the ice, or while exploring wrecks.
    2. Battery Upgrade | Double Your Range™ PRO XR Kit - Easily upgrade to an unmatchable 400Wh of power from 4 airline-compliant SMART BATTERIES, giving you 4 hours of runtime on your dives!
    3. SHIELD™ 3-Warranty - Increases the full protection of your SCUBAJET PRO device to 3 whole years so you can have the peace of mind that your diving companion is covered from the factory.

    SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit Manual

    SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit Manual

    SCUBAJET PRO Dive Kit Manual

    SCUBAJET PRO Portable Series Kits

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