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Dive Xtras Underwater Scooters

Dive Xtras BlackTip Underwater Scooters for Sale

Embark on unparalleled underwater exploration and adventure with the new, app-enabled Dive Xtras BlackTip Underwater Scooters, where groundbreaking innovation will propel you to uncharted realms!

Dive Xtras BlackTip Underwater Scooters are Compatible with Power Tool Batteries

Dive Xtras BlackTip Underwater Scooters are powered by commonly found power tool batteries installed directly into the body. Choosing different size batteries makes it easier to extend the length of your dive by swapping out batteries on the fly.

The BlackTip scooter accepts 20v (USA only) or 18v DCB-format power tool batteries. These can be purchased at retailers worldwide or online via Amazon or others.

These batteries are generally travel friendly, as the larger capacity batteries have a shipping/travel clip that separates the battery unit into smaller cells to keep them under TSA/IATA limits.

Monitor Your Dive Xtras BlackTip Underwater Scooter with its LED Display

Every Dive Xtras BlackTip Underwater Scooter model features a built-in LED display screen, offering real-time information for a seamless diving experience.

Stay informed about your Dive Xtras BlackTip with details on the current speed setting, battery level, and potential battery errors, ensuring you are well-prepared and can address any issues promptly.

This advanced display adds a layer of convenience, making your dives more efficient. Dive confidently with the latest in underwater scooter technology at your fingertips.

Safe Starts Protect You and Your Dive Xtras BlackTip Underwater Scooter

Activating a Dive Xtras BlackTip Underwater Scooter¬†outside of the water will trigger a feature known as ‚ÄėSafe Start'. The BlackTip scooter's propeller initiates in a low-power, slow-turning mode if it detects it is not in water.

This innovative design helps prevent unintended damage to your scooter or equipment when not actively diving. As soon as the propeller senses water resistance, it seamlessly transitions to normal operating mode.

With 'Safe Start,' Dive Xtras prioritizes the longevity and durability of your underwater scooter, allowing you to focus on safe diving without concerns about equipment damage during non-dive moments.

The Dive Xtras BlackTip Scoots in Silence

Boasting eight different speeds, the Dive Xtras BlackTip Underwater Scooter will have you moving much more efficiently, quicker, and quietly.

Dive Xtras is constantly refining and improving their underwater scooters. The BlackTip DPV now feature new drive firmware with silent operation and are now incredibly quiet and more efficient than ever!

Tap the button below to watch a video of the original BlackTip scooter, compared to the new silent version.

See the Silent Drive in Action!

Customize Your Dive Xtras BlackTip Underwater Scooter to Your Liking

With a programmable drive, you can customize your Dive Xtras BlackTip Underwater Scooter as you would like.

Using a Windows PC and the free software, you can change your BlackTip's operation settings. Adjustable settings include: number of gears, gear speeds, and acceleration rate.

Looking to purchase soon? Dive Xtras has recently started making app-enabled underwater scooters! Tap the button below to see how it works!

See the New App!

Dive Xtras BlackTip Underwater Scooter Support

Looking for product support? Tap this Dive Xtras Underwater Scooters Product Support page link to dig into troubleshooting flowcharts, review guides, watch more helpful videos, review the warranty, and grab manuals for your Dive Xtras BlackTip underwater scooter and accessories.