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Catz Design BlackTip Battery Drip Cover


Protect the Insides of Your Dive Xtras BlackTip from Water Drippage with the Catz Design Battery Drip Cover!

Catz Design Dive Xtras BlackTip Battery Drip Cover installed.

Tired of random water droplets getting inside the tube of your Dive Xtras BlackTip during battery removal? We know this pain!

You've just finished an eventful dive and naturally, you're exhausted. You just want to stow your gear as quickly as possible. You pop open the tube to remove the batteries and water gets all over the batteries and connections. No good.

Sure, you could let it air out, but why not avoid all of the hassle and protect the electrical components at the same time?

The divers at Catz Design came up with an innovative solution to this, the BlackTip Battery Drip Cover!

The Catz Design BlackTip Battery Drip Cover is a Safety Net for Rogue Water Drops

It's no secret, when removing the nose from BlackTip Scooters, water may spill all over the batteries and internals.

To resolve this, Catz Design came up with an innovative solution, the BlackTip Battery Drip Cover. This drip cover is made from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), similar to rubber with flexible qualities.

The BlackTip Battery Drip Cover fits into the top of the tube, under the nose assembly, and provides a seal which will keep water off the batteries only when removing the nose.

Expertly 3D printed in the United States, Catz Design's BlackTip Battery Drip Covers are designed by and crafted by divers who have rigorously tested these to ensure durability and performance.

Catz Design BlackTip Battery Drip Cover Specifications

  • Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)

  • Production Time: 5 Days

  • Protection Offered: Water Droplets from Removal of Nose Assembly. Not a waterproof solution and WILL NOT protect your Dive Xtras BlackTip underwater scooter in the event your tube floods.

  • Compatibility: Can NOT be used with the Dive Xtras Vacuum Bulkhead .

Catz Design products are custom-made to the purchaser's request, therefore ALL SALES ARE FINAL