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Need a spare or replacement battery for your Asiwo MAKO Electric Kickboard underwater scooter? You're in the right place!

Don't let lack of batteries cut the pool time short! Grab a spare battery for your Asiwo MAKO Kickboard today! With a battery capacity of 2500mAH and a charging time of 3 to 4hours, having extra batteries on hand means extra non-stop fun!

Asiwo Mako Kickboard Battery Specs

  • Battery Li-ion: 37V/2.5A
  • Rated Capacity: 2500mAH
  • Rated Energy: 92.5WH
  • Charging Time: 3 - 4 hours
  • Battery Weight: 0.9kg

Asiwo Underwater Scooter FAQs

How do I operate my Asiwo underwater scooter?

Turn it on, grab it with both of your hands, and press the buttons to move forward. You can regulate your speed using the speed selection options.

Are Asiwo underwater scooters waterproof?

Yes, ASIWO underwater scooters have been designed and tested for continual use under water. All components are water resistant and have been tested to operate up to a depth of approximately 40m or 131ft.

Can muddy water or sand affect the functionality of Asiwo underwater scooters?

No, the motors are completely sand proof. However, it is recommended to rinse your underwater scooter if you dive in salty waters, because long-term deposition of salt might affect the battery.

Are Asiwo underwater scooters safe for kids?

If a child knows how to swim, it is safe to use all Asiwo underwater scooter models. However, it is recommended to be used in a controlled swimming pool setting.

For ocean use, the product should only be used by trained scuba divers or enthusiasts with proper gear.

For more information on underwater scooter safety, visit our guide - Are Underwater Scooters Safe?

What if I accidentally lose grip of the sea scooter?

In the event you lose your grip, your underwater scooter will automatically shut off, float to the surface, and remain until retrieved.

How long does it take to charge an Asiwo underwater scooter?

This depends on the model purchased. The 126Wh battery that comes with the Manta and Manta S generally takes 2-3 hours to charge while the 252Wh battery that comes with the Manta Pro takes 4-5 hours.

Can I take Asiwo underwater scooters on a plane?

The Manta and Manta S underwater scooters have a battery capacity of 126Wh and the Manta Pro has a capacity of 252Wh. The Mako Kickboard comes with a 92.5Wh battery. While most airlines allow tools and appliances below 160Wh of power, some airlines might have different regulations. We suggest you consult your airline before taking your underwater scooter on board.

What kind of maintenance do Asiwo underwater scooters require?

  • Rinse your scooter with fresh water after using it in seawater. This is to avoid salt or any other foreign residual material from corroding the propellers and other components.

  • Make sure the battery charging port did not come into contact with seawater, to avoid corrosion.

  • To extend the battery life, charge it after using your underwater scooter. It is best to fully charge the battery pack and store it separately. It is recommended to charge it again every 2 months.
  • How do I remove corrosion from battery contact points?

    Corrosion may present itself as a white or green layer of gunk on the contact points. To remove it, please refer to the steps below.

  • Step 1: Mix vinegar and salt then use this to wipe the contact point of the battery surface. This method will remove the white or green layer and restore the shine to the contact point.

  • Step 2: After cleaning, let it dry naturally. If you plan to stow the battery for an extended period of time, apply a little Vaseline. Proceed to charge it every 2 months.