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Get the kids back and staying in the pool summer-round with the Sublue Swii Electronic Kickboard!


Safe and Fun Electric Kickboard

A propulsion device designed with the ultimate safety in mind, the Sublue Swii electronic kickboard uses innovative technology designed to keep an individual's balance and buoyancy while zipping through and over the water's surface.

Underwater Scooter for Kids and Adults

It is the perfect scooter for everybody in the family to enjoy. Use it as a training aid for kids who are just learning how to swim, or for anyone who just wants to have fun zipping over the water. Bring it to the pool or the beach, it’s totally up to you!

Remarkable Kickboard Buoyancy

Worried that you'll sink when using the Swii underwater scooter? Not a problem! The Sublue Swii can hold anybody over 6 years old up to 220 pounds in weight.

User-Friendly Controls

How easy is it to get going on the Sublue Swii kickboard? Just rest your chest on the kickboard, press and hold the buttons on both sides to start and release any button to stop.

What about Safety?

The Sublue Swii's patented technology features a built-in waterproof emergency motor that automatically stops when a foreign object gets stuck inside. The extra piece of mind goes a long way when used by younger individuals.

SublueGo Control App

Effortlessly change the speed, switch on and off the safety lock, change indicator light settings, enter self-cleaning mode, and more. Easy customization and extra safety features right at your fingertips!

Ideal Underwater Scooter For

  • Beginners
  • Kids - Adult supervision required for all kids under 18.
  • Snorkeling
  • Swimming Pool Fun
  • Traveling

Sublue Swii Kickboard Features

  • Dimensions: L 21.65 x W 14.76 x H 5.31 inches
  • Weight: 10.8 pounds
  • Low Speed: 1.98 mph
  • High Speed: 2.79 mph
  • 98Wh Battery Life: ~30min
  • 98Wh Charging Time: ~2.5 hours
  • 158Wh Battery Life: ~45min
  • 158Wh Charging Time: ~3.5 hours
*The traveling speed at each speed level has been determined by testing, and is subject to variations of users, water temperature, depth of water, currents, and other water conditions, as well as mounted accessories, clothing, and other equipment worn.

*The “continuous use time” refers to the average value of the maximum time period at which the user can run the scooter continuously from a full charge.

*The normal use time refers to the average value of the maximum time period at which the user can run this device in a casual, non-continuous manner from a full charge.

Sublue Underwater Scooter Manuals, Videos, and Support

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