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Dominate the Depths with the Fast and Furious Sublue Vapor – The Market's Fastest Compact Underwater Scooter

Sublue Vapor fastest compact underwater scooter used by free diver.

Have you been on the hunt for upgrading your standard-sized underwater scooter to something that takes speed and innovation to the max? In the past this would have not been possible without spending over $5,000 for bulkier scooter.

Sublue's top-of-the-line and fastest underwater scooter is here! That speed and power you've been wanting for your adventures couldn't be any more accessible.

The Sublue Vapor is a groundbreaking pump-jet underwater scooter that has broken the speed barrier of smaller battery-powered sea scooters.

Designed after a traditional sport motorcycle, the Sublue Vapor underwater scooter takes the thrills beneath the surface leaving less to be desired for.

Feel the Rush the High-Velocity Sublue Vapor Underwater Scooter Offers

Sublue Vapor fastest underwater scooter hydrodynamic design.

Is the old underwater scooter not doing it for you anymore? Currents too strong for it? That power you deserve is found right here with the Sublue Vapor.

Capable of going up to 6.21mph (10km/h | 9.11ft/s) and producing thrust up to 46lbs (21kg) by its jet pump, the Sublue Vapor is fueled by state-of-the-art ALO 2.0 (Active Loop Optimization) technology. 

This technology is beautifully paired with the Sublue Vapor's 6-blade impeller and 12-blade rear guide vane, masterfully translating the torque to the forward momentum you're after.

As with any underwater momentum, drag plays a role in your speed. The Sublue Vapor matches the aerodynamic design of a sport motorcycle, being produced with a spindle-shaped body and a hydrodynamic buoyancy chamber, its cutting-edge and streamlined design will minimize disruptions to your movement.

The Sublue Vapor Underwater Scooter Clearly Displays What You Need

If you've used any other underwater scooter, it is likely you have found they display little to no information. At best, you might've had a miniature screen that displayed battery level and water temperature.

The Sublue Vapor underwater scooter has a large 4.3" LCD screen that is an effective dashboard for more than just the battery condition.

Sublue Vapor underwater scooter large display screen.

This display allows you to easily track battery levels, speed, bearing, water temperature, and depth. Additionally, you can tailor the settings to your liking, ensuring your dives are personalized for ease of access.

With smart depth management, users can customize depth detection based on your skill level.*

Not sure about your bearing? For safety, we recommend keeping a backup compass, but rest assured the Sublue Vapor has you covered. Featuring a 9-axis gyroscope, you will be able to maintain your orientation while exploring.

Stay Connected and Experience Next-Level Battery Performance with the Sublue Vapor Underwater Scooter

Sublue Vapor underwater scooter long-lasting battery removal.

For the speed and gorgeous display, a powerful battery is required. Featuring a removeable 29.6V, 384.8Wh battery, the Sublue Vapor's battery is a performer.

While other larger underwater scooters require larger batteries, this robust, compact battery is what keeps the Sublue Vapor in its compact form.

Are you an avid diver and want to track your location after you surface? The Sublue Vapor underwater scooter can connect seamlessly with the SublueGo Smart App, allowing you to share your depth, temperature, rate of depth change, speed, and location information.

Sublue Vapor Underwater Scooter is Ideal For

  • Adults
  • Advanced Users
  • Freediving
  • Scuba Diving
  • Shore Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Traveling

Sublue Vapor Underwater Scooter Includes

  • Sublue Vapor Underwater Scooter
  • Loss Prevention Safety Leash
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger and Adapter
  • User Manual

Sublue Vapor Underwater Scooter Specifications

  • Dimension: L 22.79" x W 14.92" x H 10.74"

  • Weight with Battery: 19lbs (8.6kg)

  • Battery Weight: 2.42lbs

  • Operating Depth: 0~131ft (40m)

  • Max Thrust: 46lbs | 21kg

  • Free Speed: 3.72 mph | 5.45 ft/s

  • Sport Speed: 4.97 mph | 7.29 ft/s

  • Turbo Speed: 6.21 mph | 9.11 ft/s

  • Battery - Normal Use Time (Stop and Go) = 60 min*

  • Battery Power: 348.8Wh

  • Battery Capacity: 13000mAh

  • Battery Voltage: 29.6V

  • Battery Protections: BMS Overcharge, Over-Discharge, Over-Current, Short Circuit, and Discharge Monitoring

  • Charging Time: 3 hours | 1.5 hours with Rapid Charger

  • Display: 4.3" LCD Screen for Monitoring Battery Level, Speed, Bearing, Water Temperature, and Depth.

  • Gyroscope: 9-axis

  • Propeller: 6-Blade Impeller

  • Action Camera: Integrated Universal Mount for Most Action Cameras

  • *Depth Alert Setting: When the actual depth reaches the set alert value, the screen will display a warning, and the motor will stop running until the depth returns within the alert value range.

  • *Depth Rate Change Setting: When the rate of depth change exceeds the set value, the screen will alert the user to avoid increasing the risk of diving disease due to rapid depth changes. The recommended maximum descent speed is 18m/min, and the ascent speed is 9m/min.

  • Smart App Compatible: Yes, with SublueGo App

*The "normal use time" refers to the average value of the maximum time period at which the user can run this device in a casual, non-continuous manner from a full charge.

Sublue Vapor Underwater Scooter Manual

Sublue Vapor Underwater Scooter Manual

Sublue Vapor Underwater Scooter Manual

Sublue Vapor Underwater Scooter Support

Looking for more manuals, videos, or support for your Sublue Vapor Underwater Scooter? We invite you to visit our Sublue Underwater Scooters Support Page.